Blanket Records is a new record label and promotions company that is run by a team of dedicated young people, all passionate about music and eager to gain experience working in the music industry. Blanket Records has access to a great roster of talented young musicians, and a strong professional industry support network. This unique business model means that the target audience are running the label. 

Our team are constantly on the look out for the best new music. Since 2012, we have released Aidan Simpson‘s EP ‘Night Falls with Rosemary’ on 300 limited edition 10″ vinyls, and have a number of releases ready to announce in the near future. We’ve also had the chance to promote some amazing musicians in Exeter and Bristol in 2013, and have many lined up for 2014. 



John Grant, Lucy Rose, John Parish, Tom McRae, SWANN, Caitlin Park, Peter and Kerry, Liesa Van der Aa, Josefin Winther, Aidan Simpson